Blue Bay Commodities serves the global fish and seafood industry, satisfying global suppliers, local traders, and distributors by offering top of the line products with competitive prices, while ensuring VIP service to our clients, and timely deliveries.

We are a family owned and operated business, thriving on every journey to find and purchase the highest quality frozen seafood from around the world, to provide our clients with premium products.

We proudly serve the foodservice industry, seafood distributors and wholesalers from our main offices in Miami, Florida, a strategic location that helps us facilitate a rigorous control of distribution to the US, the Caribbean, and Canada.

Proudly serving the global fish and seafood industry since 200?. We have developed important relationships with global suppliers, local traders, and distributors.

Our customers have come to rely on us to supply a consistent variety of seafood. Because we are only as good as our suppliers, we have spent decades creating strong relationships with steady, reliable vendors, which in turn enable us to consistently meet our customers needs. Product dependability and reliability is essential in a highly perishable industry such as this, and Independent Seafood can be depended on to provide the best and freshest product, regardless of when you place an order.